true story marketer, businesswoman, digital tourist.



True Story marketer

After 25 years in marketing, I’ve come to realise two things: marketing is misunderstood and marketing is broken. As an antidote, I've finally given birth to a framework called True Story Marketing. It's based on the idea that marketing is a real-life story, told in three acts. And the name of this real-life, three-act story, is your brand.



I founded and run a company called Talking Brand. It's a hybrid-skilled, outsourced marketing department that uses True Story Marketing (see left). That fact-based, field-tested framework gets business owners to stand in the shoes of their customers and build their businesses from the outside in. And, I just love what we do.


Digital tourist

My world is filled with technology. We publish rich media digital mags, produce videos, manage social media channels, build websites, run email marketing campaigns. I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new things. BUT. I am also deeply anti-social and just need a break - every now and again. Hence not native but tourist.