I'm sitting at Sydney airport waiting to board our flight for Dallas. It's been quite a morning. What with tripods that don't fit in bags, clients that cancel meetings then turn up unannounced, and unexpected staff hiccups, I can't actually believe I'm sitting here at all. With a few moments to breathe though, I thought I'd write up a quick blog post on my new site, built in about 20 minutes (OK does it show? It's simple I realise.) and hosted on Square Space.

Gosh, that platform is so simple, and as I was sitting at the sushi bar tinkering with an update in the iPad browser and desperately looking for the email to blog post address, when I realised that the nice people at Square Space have a cool app for iPad. I"m on it now, putting it to the test.

So far it's easy - just like most other things on Square Space. Sure I read a couple of reviews, have used Wordpress for years, but for something simple, Square Space is worth paying those few bucks a month for. It was easy to set up, beautifully designed, and easy to put all sorts of cool things to, automatically and seamlessly. (Like our slide show on my Hit the Road Jack post.)

Anyway it's off to board...and I really will be hitting the road Jack pretty damned soon.

AuthorAmanda Falconer