I really don't like Qantas' appropriation of Australian culture in their advertising. I think it's a bit tawdry and try hard. However. As I just walked on the Qantas plane to Dallas just now - see awfully blurry shot of two older, charming Aussie guys, I just had a surge of affection. After all, if badly fitting clothes and blonde young women still characterise Virgin, older gents and ladies, who've been around the block a bit but are relaxedly (a word?) us, are what's purely Qantas. And no one can take that away.

This touch of real Australia - in a way never captured by Qantas advertising and never to be emulated by Virgin - warmed the cockles of my heart just now - but it's even nicer when you've been away listening to other accents and are on the return leg. Qantas - we call Australia home.


AuthorAmanda Falconer