Warning: possible rant factor. Sometimes I think that medical services business have forgotten they’re actually businesses. While their patients are patients, we’re also their customers – and we can walk away.

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Look to the right and you’ll see my foot. In a retard boot. It’s fractured, and it hurts, and it’s the subject of today’s whinge highly considered post about customer experience in medical services and how a few simple things would improve them.

First up, when I leapfrogged the lazy, six and a half foot tall guy who didn’t bend over very far at boxing on Wednesday night, I did NOT think that I’d end up on the other side with a fractured plantar calcaneal bone spur. In fact, I didn’t even know I had a bone spur.

After doing it a few more times before calling the girl-card and asking him to bend a little lower, my foot was really starting to hurt. But hey, you finish what you start, right, so I didn’t realise how sore it was until the whole class finished the leapfrog warm up.

By then I couldn’t walk. By then I was on ice, and the girl I was supposed to spar thought I’d done it on purpose. (Ok I was gutless, but I’m not that chickenshit.)

I shuffled the next day around and made it to the Drs, to the X-ray joint, back to the hospital to pick up the X-rays, and back to the Dr for the next steps. I did a bit of waiting around. And here are a few of the things that I noticed, because the marketer in you should never be asleep…

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AuthorAmanda Falconer